Server Maintenance

We've been experience a host of server issues over the past couple of weeks. The issue seems to be related to the server trying to use more memory than is available. Today we adjust the virtual memory partition to try to alleviate the issue.

We are also aware that there was an issue with the security certificate on the applet being out of date, thus causing Java to block the applet from running. We have updated the certificate so that it should no longer block the applet. You may still get prompted with a warning asking if you trust the applet to run. This is because we use a self-signed certificate instead of paying for a verified cert. As long as you click "run" the applet should no longer be blocked.


Message From A Legend

Howdy Hackers, we’re taking a quick break from hackwars development to bring you a message from the guy, or rather, the legend who started it all!

Hey, I'm Ben (aka johnny_heart) one of the original developers of HackWars.

One of the foremost goals of HackWars was to help people learn how to program. Over the years, we've touched the lives of thousands of players, and in my opinion met this goal.

Myself and another HackWars developer (Christian, aka mecha_cephalon) recently competed in Node Knockout. In this contest, we put forward a vision that we both have:

tut, a free and open platform for teachers and learners to interact and collaborate: creating learning modules; quiz questions; and most importantly reinventing how people learn.

The tut platform itself is open-source

But the platform isn’t the end of the innovation that tut provides. Christian has (finally) completed his PhD in Neuroscience, and is applying his knowledge of how human memory works to the tut learning system. By applying the core principles of spaced learning and distributed testing, we think we’ve come up with a learning system that will get information into your brain, and make it stick (read more about it on the science section of the site).

Please help us make our dreams of an open, and effective educational platform come true:

· Help us make some noise, vote for our project, tweet about it, and tell your friends.
· Contribute some programming tutorials and challenges.

You can find our entry here:

Click on the link on the bottom of the page to vote for us in Node Knockout.

Cheers, and happy hacking,

-- Ben.

We think this is an awesome project and will definitely explore using it as a medium for HackWars tutorials. Also, stay tuned for HackWars news coming soon™!

Quick Maintenance Update

Just a small update to bring a few things up to par took place today:

  • removed Facebook watches from drop tables
  • removed email watches from drop tables
  • created maker “XXI” for those few extremely high-end items (so now they can be sold to the store correctly and of course for a better price than Maker XX)
  • adjusted prices and properties for ADNArmour Firewalls (ADNArmour Firewalls already existing unfortunately will not change)

Hack on!

HackWars 2 Pre-Kickstarter Survey

Hello from HackWars Developers!

HackWars 2 is currently under development by EliteNet Entertainment. As part of the planning phase of development we’d like to get our community involved. Below is a link to a short survey looking for feedback on what players would like to see in HackWars 2 and questions related to our planned KickStarter project. The survey should take less than 3 minutes and a couple of clicks.

Thank you for your time and happy hacking,
EliteNet Entertainment - HackWars Developers

Keep an eye out for us!

EliteNet Entertainment

In your inbox that is. For anyone who hasn't noticed, HackWars is being developed under "EliteNet Entertainment". There will be emails going out for invitation(s) to surveys, news and other information from "" and that's us!

Also follow and share us on the above links. I'm sure most of us can agree the current game is a lot more fun with more players - and we could definitely use some steam. Spread the word and recruit noobs to hack!

HackWars 1 will be getting a few very minor edits in game over the next few days. Again, most may not even notice - definitely not anything game changing. Unless moving a single Gateway NPC onto its correct network is gonna throw off your groove... HackWars 2 is actively being developed so obviously a lot of our true game development time is focused on there.

We're also working on updating the community website(s) for all involved sites and integration with future games. We'd really like to expand on community features in and out of the gaming experience with us. Obviously, this will not make a huge impact on the current game. However, we'd like to have a nice landing page and community website, complete with dev blogs and frequent updates as progress is made on the development front.

Anyway, communications from us are going out. Keep an eye out and at least take a look at what's up. We'd really like to get as much from our players as possible. New/different emailing system - if you receive a duplicate or nothing at all we're not trying to spam you or ignore you, we're just working through a few kinks.

Thanks again! Hack on!