How to Prevent Water Damage during Flooding

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Floods happen all the time and these watery disasters are always costly and devastating whether the flood is a result of a huge rainstorm, a burst waterline or simply caused by a reckless employee who forgot to shut the bathroom tap.

Water damage can be quite devastating in a home or business, especially if you are dealing with lots of water damage such as a big flood.  Water naturally will cause damage to all of your electronics, most of your wood furniture, your flooring, your walls, carpets, garden and can make a big mess by leaving piles of dirt, sand, twigs and branches and whatever else got swept away in the flood in your building.  And then there is the smell… that smell of rotting grass and stinking carpets is just the worst.

How to Prevent Water Damage during Flooding
How to Prevent Water Damage during Flooding

Floods are usually unexpected which means there usually isn’t much time for you to take action.  Here are a few things you can do to keep from losing everything when flooding happens.

Find the Source

If there isn’t a raging river in the area then you should find the cause of the flood.  Check your water systems and if you can’t find the issue quickly enough then just go and close the main water supply to your building.  This will prevent further damage from happening.

Get Your Electronics Out Of the Water

Before you do anything else, get your expensive electronics up from the floor.  Pick up your computer box, grab that hard drive and collect all of your chargers.

Call a Water Damage Restoration Company

You should get water damage restoration experts to come to your property as quickly as possible.  These experts will quickly remove excess moisture from your building in order to keep the chances of extensive damage as low as possible.  They even have advanced water pumps to get water out of hard to reach areas such as a basement or out of your carpets.  These professionals also come with industrial fans that helps dry off your property quicker and they are experts at detecting mold and mildew growth and at getting rid of these types of growths before someone gets ill.

Throw Those Windows Wide Open

Open all of your building’s windows and doors so excess moisture can escape.  Too much humidity could cause your ceiling and wall paint to peel and can promote mold and mildew growths.

Call A Carpet Cleaner

Your carpets need much more help than just an emergency water damage restoration company.  Professional carpet cleaners can deep wash your carpets, treat them for bad odors and can refresh your carpet pile so it will once again be nice and soft as well as stain free.  Good carpet cleaners can prevent permanent water damage to your carpets so your flooding will become a distant memory.

Call Your Insurance Company

When your property is properly dried off, it is time to identify the extent of the damage.  Check your flooring, walls, garden, building an electric feed and more for damage so you can get these damages claimed from your insurance company.

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