The best travel hacks of 2019

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If you’re somebody who loves to travel to different places, these tips are for you. You can easily enjoy even boring elements of the trip more fun for yourself by following these travel hacks:

Don’t rely on carriers

The things you only want during the trip should remain in your pocket as soon as you arrive at the reception. Leave your neck pillow, adapter, and alternative travel-only items in your pocket. This saves space for storage, and you don’t need to be forced to look for them once it’s time for your next trip.

It’s less stuff that you also have to remove once back home. This is perfect for those who feel lazy after a terrible journey.

Remember to stay last

Be the last to climb and the last to get off the plane if you don’t want traffic. Also, be the last to get on an airplane so that you won’t have to be annoyed. You can relax at the door, recharge your phone or work on your emails while everyone is in line.

Once it’s time to get off the plane, you’ll be able to relax in your seat, while other people try to get out of the aisle for twenty minutes. Of course, try this only if you are on a bank trip, otherwise, you may delay those who really need to get off the plane.

The best travel hacks of 2019
The best travel hacks of 2019

Make bookings

Reserve bookings for the right places depending on your travel intentions. If you’re going for a short business trip, just stay over at a family, friend or acquaintance’s home. You can also try Air BnB to find cheap bookings for rooms to rent.

But, if you want the full travel experience for a long journey, research different hotels, and packages. Make sure to book in advance, and compare rates so you get the best offer.

Buy a city pass

In most major cities, there is a kind of guest pass, which sometimes includes deposits, access to public transportation and access to the most popular tourist attractions. These passes not only save cash but also time and planning: you don’t need to be forced to find a way to buy tickets on your own.

Keep track of your visits

Follow all your journeys when you travel using a push pin travel map. Think of places that have changed your life forever. If travel is vital to you, keep track of all the places you’ve been with a Push PIN card. Modern Map Art offers formats ranging from 16×20 to bulk prints. You can also customize your map to the dimensions you want.

That said, it works to select the dimensions, type, and format of your poster. Just enter everything about your information in the text boxes on the site. Click the order, and once they receive your order, you will finally have a custom Poster just for you! You will receive a sample within 70 hours.

As soon as the company is able to receive confirmation and your order is approved, they will start printing and shipping your item. It’s as simple as that! Choose a type of world map, and write the text however you want.

You can write “the trips of Sam and Jen, the adventures of the Jones family, etc.” Then decide which number you want for the completely different pins. The examples include “past adventures, future adventures” or “Sam, Smith, together” using three completely different colors. You will be able to choose the text no matter what you want, and you can pick 1-3 distinctive identifiers.

Hopefully, these tips and tricks work out for you. Safe travels!